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The Ultimate in Sex Enhancement

Whether you are twenty-one or sixty years old, CannaMojo can help you take your game to the next level. CannaMojo can be enjoyed by everyone; Including younger men and of course your significant other… no matter your age or sexuality this first to market product will send your customer’s sex lives into the stratosphere!

Imagine your sex drive increased, your recovery time decreased, and your full potential realized.

What could you do with such a boost?

CannaMojo is a one of a kind product sure to drive customer sales by way of proven customer retention.


You’ve never seen anything like this…

What do you get when you add 10mg of pure THC distillate to the proven power of our male enhancement formula?

CannaMojo is a first to market product that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Enjoy the testosterone/libido boosting power of our all-natural, proprietary male enhancement blend with a clear headed, relaxed buzz from our pure THC distillate. We are certain you will not experience the same effects with other products.

With Mojo throttled through the roof, and a clean buzz this product is guaranteed to bring out the customer’s A-game. Once they buy you’ll have them returning in no time, begging for more.

Margins: Our magic formula?

Our precise measurements provide you with a measurable, accurate dosage of THC with every dose. This ensures customers will know exactly what is in every dose. Peace of mind leads to better results. Better results lead to better sales. When combined with the all-natural, proven, proprietary blend designed for sexual enhancement we are beyond confident that this product will change your customers lives. See Ingredients in “Product Formula” Below.

Dopamine makes sex better!

CannaMojo doesn’t stop at enhancing sexual performance, customers can also expect mind-blowing pleasure. Because our 100% pure THC distillate also releases insane amounts of dopamine enhancing pleasure receptors in the body. Once the dopamine floods their system they’ll enjoy an intensely sensual experience that they won’t forget.

A Proven Product

Thousands of users can attest to the potent power of our proprietary sexual enhancement blend. Combined with cannabis? You’ve got a match made in heaven.

Product Formula

Consumers will thoroughly enjoy 5 CannaMojo Capsules Containing:

Fructus Lycii: Used to treat spermatic emissions

Flos Caryophylli: Used for impotence and have been used for the treatment of male sexual disorders in indigenous medicines of Indian subcontinent.

Radix Rehmanniae: An important ingredient for production of body fluid.

Semn Ziziphi Spinosae: Protective effects on cardiac cells

Cortex Cinnamomi: Promotes blood flow

Semen Sesami Nigrum: Insufficiency of liver and kidney

Semen Allii Tuberosi: Impotence, nocturnal emission, enuresis

Poria Fructus Foeniculi: Warming of middle energizer

Herba Epimedii: Used to improve impotence

Radix Lobatae Rhizome: Used to Elevate mood

Polygonati Rhizoma: Used to nourish kidney and nourish the kidneys

Rhizoma Curculigimis: Can build up muscle, strengthen bone marrow, double physical strength

Maca: Increased fertility, hormone balance, booster for the immune system, and increased energy, stamina, improved sexual function

Ginsing: Erectile Dysfunction
Tetrahydrocannabinol: And of course 10mg of THC

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